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About me

Diana Wilkes----creating heART

I am inspired by exotic sights on our travels and humble sprouts in my garden. I believe that beauty can be found everywhere we look! I take (many!) reference photos, notes, and sketches to try to capture the emotion that floods me in that magical moment of inspiration. 

Creating in my studio, hours melt away. If I’m lucky, I paint all day until my back aches, fingers cramp and I’ve dipped my brush into a cold coffee mug too many times to count. This is when my painting really becomes INTUITIVE—my instincts guide me to create the artwork, not just from plans in my head, but from my heart. HeART. It’s not work but play--my passion! 

My hope is that you feel that passion when you see my artwork and that you will become another beloved collector because you just have to have that painting! 

Now, take a look at my collection of paintings and let me know which ones call to you. 

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