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Diana Wilkes



About My Artwork

I am a West Coast, Canadian, contemporary, fine artist who explores various views of the visual world. I seek not to copy nature but to showcase its elements, to emphasize design and draw out the mood or whimsy that an image may evoke. Finding inspiration in the play of light and shadows, reflections and colour combinations, I love to find patterns and shapes that tease the imagination and lead you into new and exciting ways of seeing.

Delving into the intuitive, I attempt to blur the line between abstraction and realism. It is my sincere wish that my artwork speaks to you. 

Explore my painting collection from the drop down menu at the top of the page. Enjoy!

For more info, join my collectors' list, and stay in touch.

Interested in learning more about my paintings, my process, upcoming projects and shows, or want to discuss a commission?   Please follow me on Instagram or Facebook, or reach out here. I would be more than happy to chat about art.

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